Construction Materials and Resources Supplier, Tiles & Stone


OCTA INTERNATIONAL, well-known for supplying resources and by-product materials necessary for building construction, was founded as the corporate firm pouring the capital sum of 50 million won in Seokyo-dong Mapo of Cho Jong-hyun Director Manager, on May 1st 2002.

The firm signed the agent contract with ASA in Shanghai China noted for the highest brand ceramic firm and dealing with tile, in May 2002.

In November of the same year, the firm transferred its business establishment to the 3rd floors of NO 37-10 in Kangnam Seoul.

In December 2004, it opened the exhibitions in the Ligo Building in Nonhyun, Kangnam, currently launching the business.

In July 2006, the firm issued gift and services certificates of OCTA INTERNATIONAL while amassing the capital amount of 200 hundred million won in August 2006.

In June 2007, the firm concluded the agent monopoly contracts with U.S Laticrete Firm with the high perception as the products of adhesives necessary for the by-product materials-related tiles and stone.

The firm moved to Ligo building, 37, Bongeunsa-ro 37-gil, Gangnam-gu in order to expansion of business on December 28th 2014.

OCTA INTERNATIONAL Construction Materials and Resources Supplier will provide the best quality in the industry, displaying the most prominent products and design in accordance with the more modern and luxurious construction styles. And, it will always become a leader in pursuing the 'best management' and the 'best satisfactory management', selecting materials and resources right for the South Korean market trend, and leading the industry.

OCTA International